A downloadable 3D Bug Experience for Windows and macOS

A 3D Physics-Platformer from a bug's-eye view!

You're a tiny grasshopper with big ol' legs, trying to make a living at the bottom of the food chain. Leap over vast distances, avoid predators, zip between individual blades of grass, and bloom each of the seeds hidden in the environment!

  • Fast & Kinetic controls, based around quick launches and precise landings
  • Climbable, physically simulated blades of grass that sway in the wind
  • A thriving ecosystem full of friendly and not-so-friendly bugs
  • Two distinct regions ‒ Stump Zone, and Glow Worm Cave ‒ bursting with carefully hidden flowers



Grassdancer_win.zip 294 MB
Grassdancer.app.zip 297 MB